Oct 11 2017

Aroma Clean Home with Thieves

Our homes are the foundation of our health!   If our homes are toxic, it doesn’t matter how many health actions we try and pursue.  When homes are filled with hidden, harmful toxins it negates any “healthy” actions we take!

Fact:  According to a Enviornmental Working Group (EWG) report, on average teenage girls use 17 personal care products/day, five more than the adult woman.  The study found 16 chemicals with potentially harmful effects in the blood and urine sample of girls, ages 14-19.

Fact:  According to Transperency Market Research, the anti-aging market is estimated to be worth USD 191. 7 globally by 2019 with a 7.8% annual growth rate.

Steps to create an aroma home, a healing home:

1.  Become awere of how toxins affect our vitality.

2.  Eliminate risks with product replacement.

3.  Choose products with additonal health supportive benefits.

4.  Cleanse accumulated toxic residues from the body.


If you are interested in learning more about a clean enviornment and a healthy home  for your family, I will mail you free- the Aroma Clean, Create a Healing Home as you Clean book for free, by Connie McDanel and Katherine Fuller when you purchase the Thieves Household Cleaning Kit from Young Living.  I will mail you out your free guide to a healthier home!


It’s all about you and your families health!

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