Apr 30 2013

Dr. Dan Purser And Dr. Scott Johnson Facillitated “Natural Remedies” In San Diego

Two members of Team Redding were sponsored by Michael and Connie McDanel of  Wise Choice Essentials to attend last weekends “Natural Remedies” in San Diego California.  Shirley Porras and myself were the blessed two!

We left Redding , drove to Sacramento to get our flight to San Diego.  It was easy sailing both there and back!  The seminar was from 9 – 5 and filled with scientific research done on health and nutrition incorporating Young Living Essential Oils supplements. Dr. Dan Purser covered in depth  Women’s Issues, while Dr. Scott Johnson spoke on natural remedies.   We can change any disorder in our bodies by choosing the right foods and the right pure nutritional products we put into our bodies.

Young Living Essential Oil products are proven to be pure as each product is tested before it goes out to the public.  Young Living also has an open door policy that allows anyone to inspect their facility at any time without notice.  Every vitamin or supplement is infused with essential oils.  The oils are vol-ital which work in our bodies quickly unlike herbal supplements that take time.

For me, there is no other product on the market that I trust as much as I trust Young Living Essential Oils  I am thoroughly convinced in the quality and potency of Young Living.  Why not give them a try?  Get on a 90 day program with Young Living Essential Oils and see if they won’t change your life as well.  Contact me and I can help you choose the right program for your life’s situation.

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