Jul 11 2017

Shasta Support Service


Last Saturday my granddaughter Breanna invited me to go and help volunteer to clean up a homeless camp in a tunnel located on Lost Lane in Redding Ca.

The tunnel is a runoff and carries water to a nearby watershed and all that goes through the tunnel in the winter time can potentially wind up in our water systems, creeks, rivers, etc.

I met many new people on the clean up that day!  There were around 50 of us who showed up to help.  Bags, gloves and pick up sticks were all provided for us as we approached the vehicles.

When we went to the tunnel I could not believe my eyes!  It was so full of garbage!  We were instructed before we started to not open any containers like coolers etc.  We may not like what we find!  Also, we were to be very careful about needles that we found and sharp objects, those we placed them in a separate container.

We all took off  with our bags and started picking up the trash; it was amazing how quickly and well we worked together for our common good.  Everyone was helpful and polite and it was cleaned up in about 45 minutes.  It’s incredible what we the  people can do when we come together as a team.

If you want to give back to your community this is a great event to attend!  I’m hoping to attend this Saturday and help out at Ishi Lane in Redding.  It is such a good feeling to know that there are people out there who care like I do about the cleanliness of our city and waterways.   Now I can at least do something about it.

Please if you want your city to be beautiful come and join us!  It’s a great way to meet the wonderful people of our community.

Oh by the way, an injured duck was found with a broken leg and was taken to the animal rescue center in Anderson.  It was a great day!





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