My Dog Mandie

On my return home from a trip in March my husband greeted me with our two dogs Mandie and Buddy.    Mandie our ten year old was not acting herself.  She was lethargic and looked tired.  I suggested we get a blood test. The following day we got the blood test and the outcome was not good.  Next they did an x-ray which indicated a shadow of sorts.  Our DVM referred us to another DVM in Redding, Ca. for an Ultra Sound.  On March 7th of this year our dog Mandie was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor.  Well, the DVM told us he would refer us to UC Davis for the surgery as they did not perform these type surgeries here in Redding, Ca.  We said No Thank You.  He then said "we can do a biopsy" and we said No Thank You. 

My husband went to pay the bill and I went to the car, called my good friend, and cried my eyes out.

After doing some research, we came up with a DVM in Iowa who helped us take a holistic approach.

Her suggestions:  

No more heart worm medicine, no more vaccinations period!  We changed her diet to organic foods.

Young Living Essential Oil Supplements and Young Living Essential Oils.

We started her on her new diet immediately.  We cooked her food, gave her supplements and oiled her four times a day.  Mandie's energy level changed within four days!  Her energy level since has done nothing but get better every day.  We are anticipating a full recovery and expect to have Mandie with us for at least another five years!  I love Young Living Essential Oils and supplements.  They have proven themselves to me time and time again.

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Debra Mitchell