Thieves Household Cleaner Beyond Organic

Toxic chemicals kill, period. They kill wild life they kill people. The toxins hurt our pets as well. Some may say oh a little won’t hurt but it does. It add ups. The toothpaste, makeup, laundry detergent we use to the Windex which we think is harmless. It all adds up! You may be saying well I use a "green" product. Green is not enough. Read your labels on all who  taut organic or pure. Check them out on I am on a mission to help clean up our city by not flushing toxic chemicals down my drain. Won’t you join me in an effort to save Shasta County from further damage? We can make a difference one household at a time.

Here is how you can participate in the clean-up our our beautiful city.

If you are a member of the essential rewards program then you can get this kit for $118.50! If not it is $160 which is still an excellent value! Look at all the products you receive!  

Order your kit today!  

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